Publiplas | MERCH III
Publiplas | MERCH III


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Publiplas International Creates Custom Gear and Equipment to Promote Your Brand Welcome to the world of innovative solutions from Publiplas International. We specialize in crafting custom gear and equipment that enhance your brand’s visibility. Presenting Merch III—a game-changing cylinder on wheels cooler designed to keep your drinks refreshingly cold while accommodating a substantial amount of beverages, perfect for large groups and events.

Elevate Refreshment with Merch III: Your Custom Cooler on Wheels

Experience the epitome of convenience and style with Merch III, the ideal solution for keeping your drinks chilled while catering to the needs of large gatherings. With its impressive capacity and advanced cooling technology, Merch III ensures that your beverages stay cold and invigorating throughout the event.

Custom Cooler for Large Groups and Events: Unveiling Merch III Merch III isn’t just a cooler—it’s a statement of innovation and practicality. Designed to be a crowd-pleaser, it offers both functionality and a striking appearance. With the option to customize it to your brand’s identity, Merch III becomes more than a cooler; it’s a branding opportunity that stands out in a sea of ordinary coolers.

Crafted in the Dominican Republic As a mark of quality, all our products, including Merch III, are meticulously crafted in the Dominican Republic. Publiplas International’s commitment to excellence shines through in every detail of our products. Experience the Merch III’s superior design and functionality, brought to you from the heart of the Dominican Republic.

Elevate Your Events with Merch III Make a lasting impression at your events with Merch III. Keep your drinks cold, create a unique brand presence, and provide convenience to your guests—all within this customizable, sleek cylinder on wheels. Elevate your refreshment game with Merch III.

Elevate your event refreshments today with Merch III. Crafted in the Dominican Republic by Publiplas International.


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