Publiplas | TEXAS ICER JR
Publiplas | TEXAS ICER JR


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Publiplas International Creates Custom Gear and Equipment to Promote Your Brand Welcome to the realm of innovative solutions by Publiplas International. We specialize in crafting custom gear and equipment that elevate your brand presence. Introducing the Texas Icer Jr., a remarkable product line that seamlessly combines an ice-down bin and dry storage, catering to various requirements while enhancing your brand’s visibility.

Versatility in Design with Texas Icer Jr.

Experience the Texas Icer Jr., designed to cater to diverse needs. Whether you seek a combination of ice-down bin and dry storage or a large capacity ice-down merchandiser, the Texas Icer Jr. fits beautifully against a wall or becomes a focal point in open spaces. Its rectangular shape offers flexible placement, allowing you to create an impactful display.

Customization and Convenience Stand out with customizable interchangeable graphics on the front and sides of the Texas Icer Jr. Utilize the internal divider to distinctively separate different brands within the same cooler. The slatted shelf beneath the ice bin is perfect for storing cases and packaged beverages, ensuring organized storage and easy access.

Quality Craftsmanship and Practicality Crafted with attention to detail, the Texas Icer Jr. comes with 2″ casters for mobility. The addition of a drain and reservoir enhances maintenance convenience, making it a practical solution for events of all kinds.

Elevate your event experiences with the Texas Icer Jr. The perfect blend of form and function, designed to cater to your unique requirements.

Explore the Texas Icer Jr. and embrace flexibility and style. Crafted in the Dominican Republic by Publiplas International.


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