Publiplas | TEXAS ICER
Publiplas | TEXAS ICER


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Publiplas International Creates Custom Gear for Brand Promotion Welcome to Publiplas International, where innovation meets brand enhancement. As experts in crafting custom gear and equipment, we introduce The Texas Icer—a cutting-edge mobile tank cooler featuring a utility shelf for storage beneath the ice-down unit.

Elevate Events with The Texas Icer’s Convenience

Simplify your event setup with The Texas Icer. Its built-in utility shelf lets you stash extra beverages and supplies conveniently under the cooling area. With its seamless rectangular basin, this custom cooler blends seamlessly into buffet or banquet-style layouts, becoming a must-have for party rentals and social gatherings.

Customization and Durability in One The Texas Icer goes beyond functionality. Easily customize it with interchangeable graphics, allowing you to personalize your cooler’s look. Add skirting for discreet storage and elevate your event’s aesthetics. Crafted with a highly durable rotomolded exterior and foam insulation, The Texas Icer maintains cold temperatures for extended periods with less ice needed.

Effortless Refreshment and Style Designed for practicality, The Texas Icer features an accessible spigot for easy drainage and refilling. Keep your drinks chilled and accessible while making a stylish statement at your events.

Elevate your gatherings today with The Texas Icer. Experience convenience, customization, and quality in one exceptional cooler. Crafted in the Dominican Republic by Publiplas International.


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